Thursday, January 29

shades of grey

opi2223.jpg image by annemistak

eww eww ewww. ive been into grey/purple nails for a while and now there's a fantastic line of colors by OPI for Sephora, exclusively. The names are very New York - 'Arm Candy,' 'Sample Sale,' Cab Fare.' too much !! These colors last longer than the other typical nail polishes i find in nyc salons. check this one out - 'Metro Chic.' rad.

Tuesday, January 27

water on steroids

So my lovely friend Meredith who is a fantastic artist and mother gave me this tip. Add a little Lemonade or Limeade to your water bottle, about 1/3 juice to 2/3 water. This gives a little 'ummph' to your regular water and saves you calories if you had drank only the juice !

Sunday, January 25

vegemite anyone?

On a visit to Oz i discovered that everyone there (even the diehard Outback/construction worker/sheep herder types) were completely obsessed with this do-it-ALL balm. Lucas' Papaw Ointment. Im talking dry lips/cheeks, burns, scrapes, diaper rash-- probably even sheep rash. (can sheep get a rash?)
Anyhow, if any of your friends are traveling down south to AU, have them bring you back a barrel of this stuff. It has a nice light fruity smell; its made from papaya's and that's about it.
I have one for every nook and cranny of my life. Ladies (and men), this is a uni-sex product so you and your man can have matching balms. how cute.

Saturday, January 24

mississippi secrets

On my xmas visit to my boyfriends family in MS (cabins, taxidermy, mudboots, the whole 9!) I came into the nifty trick of dolloping a little poof of cool whip ( the tub kind only, no to the can) in your am coffee !! its just a little bit of sugar that goes a long way, making your coffee smooth and delicious. Thank you Mississipi relatives !! and watch out for all those mudpools...

Thursday, January 22


You all have GOT to see this new series on PBS. Four friends including Mario Batalli and Gwyenth Paltrow take a road trip through spain. Sampling and cooking the local flavor, and i mean LOCAL. Mario will pull into a vineyard, snap some grape vines, start a fire and cook the most suculent and fresh fare that was raised on that very farm. I myself am a disaster in the kitchen, but watching this show has inspired me to actually attempt at cooking local, seasonal and organic meals. At first i thought i'd be turned off from these wealthy celebrities zooming through europe in a bmw (how you say, 'recession' in spanish?) but they were seriously real and warm and respectful of all that is 'Spain.' check it ! I watched all four dvd's and wanted more more more. Rumor has it they are signed on for a second season. Bien Bien Bien.

Ahoy Mate!

Doesn't it feel like the country has just let out a collective sigh, 'ahhhhhh' since the changing of the Presidents? Im sure you all had a ball ; ) watching all the parties and ceremony- how could you not ? it was like the superbowl of inaugurations. And my hat off to you Mrs. Obama for wearing that chic and unique Jason Wu gown--it was nothing short of magical.
So onto my latest jean obsession (im guilty too). A place i rarely shop, The Gap, has these amazing 'sailor jeans' on the website only right now, the wide leg and flat front trouser feel is forgiving for those few extra pounds (ugh) you may be ferociously working off right now on your ellipticals !! These jeans are a mere $69.50, you could buy two !! happy happy. xo. -annie moxie

Monday, January 19

mi amore Flores

The food drive was a success, lots of folks stopped by to donate or give us a wink. Although it did start to snow--and with a small hole in my wellie (oh no!) i hoofed it to my favorite Brooklyn vintage shop, "Flores Antique Clothing" . Let me tell you, these people are SAINTS. i started to loose some feeling in my hands and feet and Flores set up a heater in a dressing room for me. THANK YOU, FLORES! so of course i had to purchase a handmade bag from Haiti and a vintage hot pink coat ... what else would any girl with moxie do?!
happy tomorrow, inaugural party goers!

Sunday, January 18

i feel like a popsickle today

brr brr brrr... i think this is the coldest ive even been in my life ... all the cocoa and mittens can not get me warm ! im actually considering a tanning bed (gasp!) visit to absorb some vit K and toast my buns... this is what its come to ! two more weeks of January to go, folks.. surely februrary will bring better days.
we do have one event to anticipate...the big @ss party about to embark on our COUNTRY ( not just dc) come Tuesday... ill be toasting in williamsburg, brooklyn. whohooo!
also. Monday i'll be volunteering with '' at a grocery store in honor of the holiday, connected with NY Cares. onto greener pastures. hallelujah.
Now, im off to find a knock off Moncler (french canadian brand) coat and a kick@ss russian style winter hat...sometimes the only tool to battle winter blues is Retail Therapy !!! oy vey.