Tuesday, March 24

get vampy

wow. i am so in love with vampire weekend's new song ' White Sky.' i've literally had it on repeat , love at first listen! I did some research on these cute boys--apparently they all met at Columbia University, held steady full time jobs, and managed to write and produce their first album--all on their own. talk about motivation !!! go to www.hypem.com for a looksee.http://showclix.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/vampireweekend.jpg

Thursday, March 19


The spring solstice is arriving. in only moments. i for one am. so. pumped. next year? see ya later NY winter. if i have to hock coconuts out of the back of pick up trucks i will GET OUT of ny next winter ! mark my words.
so GI joe is coming to visit moi this weekend. yee haw. i think we'll have some friends over to my (dont gasp) 800 sq foot apartment and we'll be serving up this delicious and EASY (really) appie. - -- courtesty of my pal stef. here it is - i'll call them 'hunnybrie bread'
take one french roll. as fresh as possible.
slice into small bite sized pieces. toast.
while they're warm, smother with brie ( or goat cheese)
drizzle with honey. ( or agave)
add finely sliced almonds or walnuts to taste.
serve with any white wine. sauvignon blanc might be a good bet...
you will have to fight your guests for the last piece. yes for cheese !!

Monday, March 9


Recently, my favorite gal pal (a public school kindergarten teacher, she is truly a vision of Patience) and I made a secret trek WAY UP there in harlem to get to one of the city's secrets... a Target. yeah, the red and white bull's eye kind... who knew just a quick train ride uptown gets you into the every girls' cool and thrifty shopping palace?!!!
while studying abroad in London i came across this lovely cosmetics brand, 'Boots No 7' in their local drugstores. the quality was top notch but what really sealed the deal was the super cool and sometimes retro packaging. when you purchased Boots, you didnt have that 'ugh i just had to down grade to the store brand' feeling.... and now, voila it is available in the U.S.--at every Target.