Thursday, March 19

The spring solstice is arriving. in only moments. i for one am. so. pumped. next year? see ya later NY winter. if i have to hock coconuts out of the back of pick up trucks i will GET OUT of ny next winter ! mark my words.
so GI joe is coming to visit moi this weekend. yee haw. i think we'll have some friends over to my (dont gasp) 800 sq foot apartment and we'll be serving up this delicious and EASY (really) appie. - -- courtesty of my pal stef. here it is - i'll call them 'hunnybrie bread'
take one french roll. as fresh as possible.
slice into small bite sized pieces. toast.
while they're warm, smother with brie ( or goat cheese)
drizzle with honey. ( or agave)
add finely sliced almonds or walnuts to taste.
serve with any white wine. sauvignon blanc might be a good bet...
you will have to fight your guests for the last piece. yes for cheese !!

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  1. brie and honey? that sounds brilliant. and 800 sq ft for a manhattan apt sounds pretty good to me. our l.a. bungalow is just over 600 sq ft and it feels like a wonderful big house to me (esp since i finally have my own washer and dryer!). love love, annie bug. ps. oh, and perhaps we'll see you in nyc this summer? we're going to try to get out there for joe&noami's wedding... {lauryl}