Monday, March 9


Recently, my favorite gal pal (a public school kindergarten teacher, she is truly a vision of Patience) and I made a secret trek WAY UP there in harlem to get to one of the city's secrets... a Target. yeah, the red and white bull's eye kind... who knew just a quick train ride uptown gets you into the every girls' cool and thrifty shopping palace?!!!
while studying abroad in London i came across this lovely cosmetics brand, 'Boots No 7' in their local drugstores. the quality was top notch but what really sealed the deal was the super cool and sometimes retro packaging. when you purchased Boots, you didnt have that 'ugh i just had to down grade to the store brand' feeling.... and now, voila it is available in the U.S.--at every Target.


  1. Hello from Toronto,

    Congratulations on your Martha Stewart Show appearance! That was awesome! Love your flowers.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  2. is that a little secret compartment underneath? I *knew* I should have taken you up on your target trip offer!