Monday, February 23

go go goji

Goji Berries
Well i must be on the soapiest soap box but i'm all about health/diet and exercise this month. Call it spring fever. call it wanting to fit into those NYC spring fashion week runway looks ( or more likely - desiring that feeling when you're skinny jeans glide over your hips again...)
I've been reading 'The Flat Belly Diet,' (see below) and 'Eat right 4 Your Type', which explains which foods to eat/avoid according to your blood type. Not surprisingly, almost all the foods for my type are the ones i love, and the foods i am to 'avoid,' are indeed the kinds that mysteriously end up on my love addition to these two books, i've checked out 'Why Mars and Venus Collide,' which explains how stress, yes just stress, can be the #1 culprit for tension and collision of the sexes. In this book, Dr. John Gray, Ph.D., recommends a morning shake for your brain-all the ingredients are abfab and delicious. He sells it as a powder mix from his site and you add the following ingredients-- goji berries, a few sliced apples (which raise the 'feel good' chemical oxytocin in womens' brains), pure cacao, ground flax seed, coconut, molasses, and almonds, (also a 'brain food'), a little water and ice. Have this shake replace your morning ritual of cereal and coffee...for one week...and watch the results--more energy, fewer hunger pains before lunch, alertness, and higher 'oxytocin' levels. watch the video on his website for tips on the differences in the shake for male and female version. yum! yeah brain food !

shake recipe
Directions/ Ingredients to add to your Shake:
Blend 2 Scoops of Shake mix with the following
Ice (about 1 cup)
6-8 oz. Purified Water
Small handful of Nuts (walnuts, almonds, brazil, or pine nuts/ raw and unsalted)
1TBLS. Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil
1TBLS. Pure Cacao (organic chocolate nibs)
1 tsp. Black Strap Molasses
1-2 tsp. Maca Root
1/2 tsp. psyllium seed husk powder
Mix all ingredients together in a blender. ENJOY!

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