Friday, June 12

Oh la la, mon cherie.

paris.jpg paris image by FirstcomesL0VE

In this economy, who has the moolah for a hotel stay ? craigslists' 'housing swap' is the way to go for a summer vacation. Think of it -- all you have to dish the cash out for is a plane ticket ( nyc - paris is now an incredibly low $780.00 for July- and some lovely parisian person stays in your place, watering your plants and feeding Elmo your goldfish. Voila ! everyone wins, even the fish !
search craigslists' 'housing swap', be sure to iron out ALL details with your 'swapper' before you confirm ( location location location! ), google map the actual address of your vacation spot to make sure its near transportation and locales you'd like to visit and Bon Chance !

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  1. Hi,

    I think that plane trip is a bit expensive.
    One can go for less from Lisbon to NY with return, or quite probably from Paris to NY.
    I'm not a frequent miles passenger :-), so I can't guarantee.
    I can say that Paris is a wonderful city though.