Monday, June 1

well its still so darn cold. i'll have a snowball

did anyone else LOVE these as a child ? i mean its chocolate, cream-filled, hot-pink, covered in coconut - and its called a 'snowball'... genius genius genius.
and they're not bad to boot !
until this summer in nyc starts to feel like real summer temps. im stickin' to schnapps and snowballs. jeez will it just warm up already?? its JUNE.
all right.
got that out of my system.
had a lovely herb-cheese stuffed chicken, cous-cous and blueberry buckle at Hannah Banana's. did some [wishful thinking for warmer temps shopping] - scored 3 great new editions to the ol' wardrobe. (H & M just opened up down the street...) i buy with the guilt of knowing those 3 things just won't look the same come fall, but ahh c'est la vie its so cheap.
looking forward to an evening of African-Amercian dance class at the 92nd st Y tonight. The instructor brings her own 5 piece Jamaican drumming circle - and this class is only $12.00 people ! get there! such an amazing cardio workout you'll be moaning from your sore muscles for days after.
spent the weekend sunning in central park with a girlfriend + adorable dog 'Atilla the Hound' and munching on grilled spicy chicken in McCarren (thank you Chef Billy).
Not much more a girl can ask for - is there ?

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